DrinkBox is certified to develop on a number of leading gaming platforms including the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, iOS and PSP. In addition to developing original game projects of its own, DrinkBox offers work-for-hire development services in programming, art and design. For more information on these services, please email:


  o  Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes – Technical Consulting
  o  Jaws – iPhone – 2D Art Support
  o  Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Network Programming (Xbox & PS3)
  o  Need For Speed: Nitro – Track Design/Level Development (Wii)
  o  Transgaming Project – 3D Modeling Support
  o  Visual Sports Games – Ongoing Technical & Design Consulting
  o  Babo: Invasion – Port from PC to Xbox 360
  o  Ridemakerz – Techincal Consulting: Car Physics
  o  Unannounced Hatch Studios Project – 3D Modeling Support
  o  Day of the Zombie – Level Development/Consulting
  o  The Supers (Prototype) – Technical Consulting, Concept Art