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Toronto, Ontario
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Please note : we receive a large amount of email so please be patient for us to reply.

Media Inquiries:

***### Before emailing us about permission to monetize your videos please read our policy below.###***
General Info:


Our Terms for Monetizing of our Games with Partner Programs:

Over here at Drinkbox Studios we give permission for anyone to use recorded video material along with audio from any of our games for the purpose of monetization in Partner Programs such as YouTube or the following stream websites:,,,, as long as the created content in question is related to the game(s). Examples of such content would be reviews, previews, a Let’s Play, or some other similar type.

If you have any questions, or situations that might not apply above, please contact us.



At the moment the studio is not taking on any students for an internship. This may change in the future. Thanks for considering us!