Happy Birthday, Guacamelee! 2!

Woah! It’s been a whole year since Guacamelee! 2 burst into the world kicking and screaming. To celebrate, we’ve made the game and all its DLC 60% off on Steam until Aug 26!

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Guacamelee! 2
DLC 1: Three Enemigos Character Pack
DLC 2: Proving Grounds (Challenge Level)

An even better celebration was the Mexiverse Fiesta recently hosted by MOTHER BASE and made possible by Leadman Games. What was the occasion? The release of the Guacamelee! One-Two Punch physical edition for Switch and PS4!

The festival was held at a luchador-themed bar in Mexico city, and is the source of the images you’re seeing in this post. Well… except that last one. But you probably knew that.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make Guacamelee! 2 a success! We’re incredibly honored and touched by the response the game has received, and we can’t thank everyone enough for playing and sharing it.

Adios for now!

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