Guacamelee! 2 Post Launch Roundup

Hey everyone. This is a little round up of how things have gone since we released Guacamelee! 2 on Steam and PS4. If you have not had a chance to catch the Launch Trailer then today is your lucky day:


And continuing with more good news it turns out some other people enjoyed the game also. Check it out:


Guacamelee 2 feels exhilarating, like spelunking with a pogo stick. In this way it surpasses many of the classics it pays tribute to and demonstrates why it’s an altogether different animal.” -ETHAN GACH



Guacamelee 2’s clever humor, challenging platforming, and beautiful world make for a worthy followup.” -JONATHON DORNBUSH



Guacamelee 2 is one of the best executions of the Metroid formula. Juan’s adventure stands apart in a crowded genre” -KYLE HILLIARD

Game Informer,


The game never stops finding new ways to hook you in, to the point that even the most painstaking and intensive playthroughs feel like they just fly by.” -JUSTIN CLARK



If real-world wrestlers need to catch their breath between the splashiest of moves, Guacamelee! 2 will have you catching yours from its whirlwind sense of comic and gameplay invention.” -AARON RICCIO



Also, there were lots of other people who took the time to write about Guac, and we’re thankful for them all. And you. Especially you.

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