Trophies : Part 1

Sometimes I like to poke around the trophy statistics at tracking sites like PSN Profiles for our games, to see if any meaningful data can be pulled out. Now – this is a dangerous proposition as there are a lot of caveats associated with any insights you might gather this way; for example, only self-reporters appear in PSN Profiles, so one is not getting a true distributions of all players. But hey, who cares!

I of course like to compare our two versions of Guacamelee!: the original that was released on PS3/PSVita vs. that of Guacamelee!: STCE released on PS4 (among many other platforms). By looking at the completion %’s of different trophies throughout the game, one can get a rough picture of player drop off throughout (again the caveats here are numerous, but let’s go with it).

Below is a chart showing the % of players attaining trophies within the game that are linearly encountered through a full standard play through:

Become a Luchador

Kill the Alebrije


Defeat Flame Face

Licking his Wounds

Defeat Calaca


Now, immediately one can notice an overall decrease in completion for Guac:STCE – again many factors are involved here (e.g., Guac:STCE had more content inserted into the game) – but interesting never the less.


Of interest to me is that two significant difficulty changes were implemented between Guac & Guac:STCE :

  1. Making the platforming in the Tule Tree more clear
  2. Making the Jaguar Javier boss fight slightly easier

If I compare the ratio of completion fractions (below) at each trophy between Guac & Guac:STCE I can notice that there seems to be an improvement in completion between the two games after the Tule Tree; so perhaps the Tule Tree improvements worked!

Although the same cannot be said for the Jaguar Javier improvements; I did go back through our support emails and calculated we received 140% less “Jaguar Javier” hate emails for Guac:STCE, so I consider that a win.

To be honest with everyone, this little blog post has really just resulted in me having way more questions than when I started. For example:

Q: Guac:STCE received less hate mail than original Guac, did the emergence of YouTube video “how-to’s” reduce some of this gamer rage?

Q: Was the bigger drop off between Guac and Guac:STCE a result of the additional content, and what we’re seeing is just a normal % user drop off over time?

Q: Guac:STCE was free on PS+, so does this mean there is a larger group of “less hardcore” players (versus those who would seek out a Metroidvania in the form of the original Guac), and this explains the drop off?

NOBODY KNOWS. Either way, browsing Trophy data can be a very interesting exercise.

Love you all xoxo.

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