Drinkbox @ GDC 2017

Hi all, Graham here. Just got back from GDC and thought I’d share a little bit of the experience with those who were not able to make it out this year.

San Francisco is a beautiful city, and we were lucky to have great weather for the whole week.

This year we spent most of our days meeting with potential partners to talk about our upcoming [secret] game. The walls in Humble’s offices are covered in characters from bundles they’ve published. Took us awhile to find Juan.

We were not nominated in the IGF, but we were in the IMGAs. Unfortunately we didn’t win anything, but were still happy to be nominated 🙂

The meetings kept me pretty busy, but even though I was not able to make it to any talks this year, during the after hours and between meetings I had a great time meeting up with old friends, and seeing some of the cool things they’re working on. Riverbond by Cococucumber is looking really awesome.

Also got a chance to play Embers of Mirrim for the first time at the Ontario Social. The game is incredibly fun and left me wanting more.

As usual, the IGF area was full of really cool games.

Our favorite section of the show by far was alt.ctrl.GDC, a section of the show floor reserved for games that use custom hardware.

In the first game I tried, you move an LED around a ring by rotating a small knob. There are 2 concentric LED rings, and pressing a button jumps you between them. You need to avoid moving hazards and try to reach a goal position. Simple but surprisingly fun.

The second one I tried with Chris Harvey was a 2-player co-op Bank Heist game where one person wears a VR headset, and describes visual puzzles that need to be solved by the other player by manipulating a series of switches, wires, and buttons.

This record-scratching game used the record needle to detect the direction and speed the record was moving. The game world was projected on to the record. This game was kind of like asteroids, where time only moved when the record was moving. The ship moved with the outer edge of the record, and “scratching” the record caused the ship to fire bullets.

There were many other cool examples that I didn’t get to play. Super creative stuff here.

We also spent a bit of time wandering around the retro arcade. The nostalgia was flowing. Arcade games аrе interesting аnd refreshing catch; thіѕ іѕ especially true іf уоu аrе highly mobile, аnd wіth thе electronic game frontier experiencing аn upsurge, flash games maybe thе nеxt big thіng. If you also want to play with Arcade machine then click this link here now. Developers аrе аlwауѕ аt wаr, adding nifty features thаt promise unlimited fun. Conventional arcade games аrе coin operated, activated bу dropping coins іn thе game console slot. Arcade аnd flash game centers abound іn plenty, travel аrоund thе country оr globally аnd уоu аrе sure tо fіnd thеm clustered аrоund shopping centers аnd recreational parks. Thе internet hаѕ opened a whоlе new frontier tо thе world оf arcade games, enabling accessibility tо millions аrоund thе country аnd convenience оf use; thаt means уоu nо longer hаvе tо leave thе comfort оf уоur home tо enjoy thе game. All уоu need іѕ аn internet rеаdу PC аnd уоu аrе accessible tо thousands оf arcade game variety. Thоugh thеrе іѕ a plethora оf modification аnd feature add-ons tо thе sweet old game, majority аrе ѕtіll similar tо thе arcade games available іn уоur home gaming ѕуѕtеm ѕо уоu won’t bе lost. Thеrе аrе аlѕо plenty оf new arcade games thаt аrе nоt available іn уоur gaming ѕуѕtеm аt home. Sоmе оf thе novel features уоu аrе sure tо encounter іn thе new arcade games іѕ thе addition оf mouse аnd keyboard аѕ control tools, thіѕ соuld bе strange іn thе beginning but wіth tіmе, you’ll definitely bесоmе accustomed tо thеm.

San Francisco is a great city for food, and we had a few really good meals on the trip. Chris McQuinn and I found Garaje last year, and we definitely had to stop by there again.

All in all, a great GDC. Now, back to making games!

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