New York VideoGame Critics Circle Awards 2017

Hi all, Chris McQuinn here.

Recently Severed was nominated for the Battery Park Award for Best Handheld Game at the New York Videogame Critics Circle (fancy sounding) and WON!

What makes this awards ceremony extra special is that Augusto flew down to NYC to attend – lucky guy – and he decided to make a mini photo-mentary. No need to ever wonder what it’s like to be a nominee for a game award, we have all the pics right here. Below are his pictures with his comments, and then maybe my comments on top of that.


I started to hum Alicia Keys in ‘Empire State of Mind’ as I flew into NYC” (Augusto is actually a part time pilot and was flying the plane at this moment)


The awards ceremony was at the Abrons Art Center in Lower East Manhattan” (There was a cool test to get in, and obviously Augusto passed)


This was on the stage, and pretty sure it stood for Neil Young” (pretty sure it stands for New York)


Legend Award winner Lord British himself, Richard Garriott!” (Ultima X please)



I don’t have a pic of me accepting the award, but maybe you can get a screenshot from twitch?” (Oh, don’t you worry, I stalk you real good)


Best Handheld Game winners!” (I guess that’s proof)


Central Park with Canadian Geese pretending to not be their usual psychopathic selves” (True dat)


I’m at the MoMA in a cool art exhibit” (turns out he stumbled into the emergency exit)


Thanks Augusto for representing Drinkbox! And thanks again to the amazing show put on by everyone at the NY VG CC and we encourage everyone to support them however they can…or buy something nice from one of their sponsors.

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