Severed’s Initial Pitch Animation


Hi, I’m Augusto (aka Cuxo) and once upon a time, I concepted a crazy game about loss, burden, sword fighting and a lot of purple.


We were wrapping up Guacamelee and a few ideas had begun to nag at me, like a stone in your shoe. Every game idea is different and has a different process, for Severed I was making thumbnails and notes on post its and loose paper, until one week I realized I had enough notes to make a short/crude video of this game.

And that’s what I want to share with you today! This is the very first version of Severed (called Slash, or rather “/”, back then) and this is what I e-mailed my colleagues at DrinkBox one Sunday midnight.

Actual e-mail:

(Dated, Jan 27, 2013)

Hi guys,

Over the last little while I’ve had some ideas stuck in my head from the game pitch meetings we had a while back. So there’s something about it that I couldn’t just ignore, so this week I made a little sort of video thing because it was bugging me.


Please forgive the crudeness and some of the unimaginative designs


I don’t know if it would be good or useful, but i couldn’t resist, for my own peace of mind


see attachment



Fast forward to today and I couldn’t feel more proud about the game we made. Super challenging, unique and vibrant.


I’m so grateful for this adventure!

Check out the video here:

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