Thanks Indie Mega Booth & Devolver

Just got back from E3 showing off Severed on iOS devices and the WiiU/3DS so figured I should write something up.


Apparently what I was going to write about has already been scooped by Kotaku (dem scoops). In a nutshell, there is an interesting theory that E3 is trying to block out the Devolver “anti-E3” booth across the street. What I can add to this amusing story is that it must be incredibly hard to setup trailers in such an awkward manner – you really need a good reason to do it in such a way…
devolver area

But turf wars aside – just wanted to give a thanks to the Indie Mega Booth and Devolver for providing a great space to chat about Severed while simultaneously providing a break from the E3 floor. We had space in a very hip Airstream trailer – courtesy IMB & Devolver – and also at picnic benches situated within a beer garden (again, generously provided by Devolver). I must admit, it is very civil to sit down with a beer to chat about one’s game versus standing in the loud throngs of E3. Solid job Devolver.


Indie Mega Booth Airstream trailer available for developers to privately show off their game.

Devolver Tents

Beer garden provided by Devolver (/thumbsup)

Here are a few folks that covered us:

Engadget “PS Vita slasher ‘Severed’ is coming to iOS, 3DS and Wii U

Eurogamer “Severed is coming to Wii U, 3DS and iOS this summer

Nintendo Life “Hands On: Dealing Death by a Thousand Cuts with SEVERED

Oh, and be sure to check out some of the cool games Devolver is supporting.

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