Severed Reviews Round-Up

Hi Hi! The reception for Severed has been fantastic, and everyone at the studio appreciates any and all reviews and articles.

Although there are many more reviews than the ones listed below – we figured why not make a mini list of just a few of them:

Destructoid – “DrinkBox Studios knocked it out of the park” 9.5/10

Polygon – “Severed is the strongest iteration of DrinkBox’s aesthetic to date” 9.0/10

Gaming Trend – “Severed is my favorite PlayStation Vita exclusive” 90/100

Pocket Gamer – “this is a fresh dungeon-crawling experience” 9/10

PlayStation Universe – “Severed masterfully combines touch screen combat” 9.5/10

If you haven’t had a chance head on over to your local PSVita online digital store to grab a copy: PlayStation Store

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