Om Nom Nomedy: The Humor of Mutant Blobs Attack!

Hey y’all. This is Steph, the Art Director on Mutant Blobs Attack.

At DrinkBox Studios, we try our best to make more than just the gameplay as fun as possible. So, along with the unquestionably satisfying laughs of rolling up and eating terrified humans, we give players the extra treat of sweet sweet comedy candy to keep them full on their blobby adventure.


Love ’em or hate ’em; nobody can deny the appeal of a well placed, groan-inducing pun. Here are a few BLOBvious examples of the incredibly sophisticated humor in our game:




Video game references!

If you pay close attention (and know a thing or two about them vidya games) you might just spot several ingeniously clever references strewn about the blob’s world. Of course there’s everyone’s favorite “ALL YOUR BEER ARE BELONG TO US.” visible right at the beginning of the game:


But what other side-splitting shenanigans await those brave enough to chew their way through the meat of the game? Being the meta nerds that we are, we weren’t content with just more bad great puns, so we upped our game by making most of the video game jokes FOOD related. Thus echoing the theme of the blob’s unquenchable hunger…. as well as highlighting the multi-layered genius of DrinkBox’s unforgettable comedy styling.

A few tasty examples:


AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! by Dejobaan Games


Superbrother’s Sword & Sworcery


Critter Crunch by Capy Games


And Yet it Moves by Broken Rules


They Bleed Pixels by Spooky Squid Games


N+ by Metanet Software


Now this last one isn’t food related, but who doesn’t enjoy a playable mini-game inspired by the O.G. hand-held? 😉

Internet memes!

Last, but not least, we have teh interwebs! An abundant source of free comedy, captioned cat pictures, and videos of idiots hurting themselves since 1993. See if you can get these examples of comedy gold:




If you get this last one, you REALLY know your memes!

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